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    We, as wedding photographers and friends, travel around the world with you: from Berlin, over Cape Town and Mallorca, through all different continents and back again. We capture you as a couple at extraordinary destinations and eternalize your personal, unique wedding day with photographic memories. We are looking forward to your stories and to transforming them into images.

    By the way: „Mister and Misses Do“ is not just a random name!
    Hannes’s last name is Thun, which is an old way of writing the german word “tun”. “Tun” means no more, than “do” in english and that is how Hannes got his nickname: “Mister Do”. That was a perfect fit referring to the most important part of the wedding vows, when it comes to saying “Yes, I do.” And baaam - we had our perfect name. Do you like it?

    If you want to reach out via E-Mail, drop us a message office@misterandmissesdo.com.