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        YES. WE DO!

        Hello beautiful. Are you looking for a photographer team who shares your vision of a stylish and unique wedding and who shows your love story in way that fits your lifestyle - honest, alive and unique? There we are!

        We are Mister and Misses Do, Farina and Hannes: a team since 2009, best friends forever, peripatetic metropolitans and wedding photographers from Berlin. Harmony, serenity and esthetics describe our souls and the spirit of our photography the best.

        Together with you, we want to celebrate love and life and create something beautiful. We shoot in Berlin, Mallorca, Cape Town and basically anywhere on this planet. When and where can we join you?

        Wedding photographer team for free spirited couples

        What you think about, when you feel the love between you two – this is exactly the story, that we want to tell with our images. We feel the same love for each other and want to share our moments. That is why we don’t want to be seen as just some random stranger, who takes your pictures, but more like friends, who are with you before and after the wedding – with a camera, as well as the eye for aesthetics, deep connections, unforgettable gatherings and deep talks.